Certificate of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is a document required by foreign governments that validates the country of origin of where the product was manufactured. The certificate of origin must be signed by the exporter and then validated by a locally designated agency such as the Malden Chamber of Commerce (MCC) in order to be acceptable and valid.

The Malden Chamber of Commerce, a recognized Chamber of Commerce under the laws of the Massachusetts, states that, based solely on the exporter’s declaration, the Chamber believes that the goods described are products of the designated country. The Chamber assumes no responsibility and makes no warranty, expressed or implied, concerning the goods, or any documents relating thereto, and assumes no responsibility for the truth or accuracy of any statements or any of the documents mentioned therein.

  • Certificates of Origin must be filled out completely before being presented to the Malden Chamber of Commerce.
  • You are responsible for understanding the specific documentation requirements for the destination country of your shipment, as these rules may vary. A standard certificate of origin form as well as other standard export documents can be found on
  • The product information listed must match verbatim what is on the invoice. Do not leave off numbers, quantities or descriptions.
  • We do not recommend waiting until the day of your shipment to bring in your certificate.
  • The Malden Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse any document they feel does not meet the stated guidelines.

The MCC offers Certificates of Origin stamping ONLY for goods made in the United States. Certificates may be obtained by downloading the form HERE, by contacting the MCC office at 781-322-4500 or by requesting by e-mail to:

Stamp Fee:

Malden Chamber Members: Free

Non-Members: $25.00

Bank Check or Cash Only (exact change)