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Courtesy of City of Malden website:

Malden boasts a history over three centuries old, from the small settlement called Mystic Side to the modern, energetic city of today. Residents state proudly that Malden has always been at the heart of things, a major contributor to the everyday fabric of American life, having given birth to writers and industrialists, revolutionaries and governors, actors and artists. From Elisha Converse to John Volpe, from Walter Brennan to Louise Stokes to Frank Stella, Maldonians have participated in every facet of American culture.

Even now, Malden is at the heart of an innovative New England economy. The city is situated in close proximity to metropolitan Boston’s major arteries and interstates. There is direct access to one of the world’s busiest international airports and the city is serviced by both commuter rail and the MBTA Orange Line. Some of America’s best universities are within a stone’s throw, as are many of the world’s best high-tech and medical research facilities. The city is only minutes away from some of New England’s great beaches.

Amidst all this activity, Malden has tenaciously preserved its neighborly and small town tradition. Malden enjoys an active business community, a downtown in the process of rejuvenation, a fine system of parks and playgrounds and a variety of social, cultural and fraternal organization. To loyal town residents, Malden has the best of both worlds; ready access to the best of the big city and the familiar feel of a small town.

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