Women in the Workforce Conference ~ April 20th

3 million women left the workforce in 2020*, largely due to the pressures that the COVID pandemic placed on families: childcare centers closed or limited their hours and capacity; school-age children began learning at home full-time; businesses laid off or furloughed staff for months. 
As the economy begins to recover, how do we get women back into the workforce? What does it mean for our economy if they don’t come back? How can employers adapt to support an evolving view of what it means to be a “working mother”?
Join us for an examination of these issues with Sec. Rosalin Acosta, who has put these questions front and center in her policies and lived them firsthand with her family. A panel discussion, moderated by Catherine Carlock of the Boston Business Journal, follows the keynote address and brings together women leaders from a variety of industries.